Our Services

Our Approach to Value Creation

Whether it be implementing new investments or optimizing of the existing business processes, we provide advice and support to ensure the correct focus and consequentially real value creation. While we provide an independent perspective, we will collaborate with the Company’s leadership to identify the key value drivers and manage the execution of strategy to realize the bottom line objectives.

Project Development and Management

We provide strategic advice to our clients on the design and execution of development projects, and on-going support to ensure real value creation and project success. Our offerings range from short-term, discreet feasibility engagements to the development of business plans and project proposals to ongoing project development and management of larger initiatives.

Building Organizational Resilience

Managing risk and assuring business continuity have become especially challenging for many organizations. Man-made and natural disasters have severely disrupted and in some circumstances brought about the demise of many organizations. And yet other businesses survive and even thrive in this environment.

We work with organizations to take a proactive approach to managing risk by building robust business processes with an appropriate mix of flexibility and redundancy, while at the same time fostering a culture of resilience.

Human Capital Development

Our Foundation Program: Building the mental and emotional toughness to commit in the face of unpredictable outcomes and persist when the solution is unclear is a required competence for success. We deliver a very special program that takes participants through a process of self-discovery and helps them re-orient their thinking to succeed regardless of the circumstances. Participants learn to manage their emotions and develop visualization and coping techniques to deal with adversity, while maintaining a positive and optimistic outlook.

Developing Great Leaders: Research continuously shows that good leadership is a critical part of organizational health and, in turn, an important driver for value creation. Leadership itself however can be an especially complex process. Leaders must have the ability to manage the paradox between driving bottom line performance and nurturing trust and commitment.  Integral to our approach to value creation is the development and mentoring of managers to shape their behaviours and develop the core skills that front line leaders need to effectively execute strategy.

Strengthening People Alignment: Ensuring that the general workforce is aligned and driven to achieve organizational objectives requires linking the “soft” issues that inspire and boost worker morale with the “hard issues” of bottom-line, measurable outcomes.

Gallop research aimed at identifying the elements of worker engagement that are most strongly correlated to strategic outcomes that deliver value found just that, viz. that employees need direction and the tools and materials to execute their jobs; and that they need to understand their jobs as being significant and important. It is equally important to maintain an environment where people feel respected and cared about as an individual, where there is encouragement and opportunities to learn and grow and where friendships are developed.

We use the Gallop 12-question questionnaire to calibrate employee alignment, identify any gaps and design interventions to address these deficiencies.